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The data available in khabarilal.in has been sourced from different resources, both direct as well as indirect. Though, we do validate each and every record for accuracy, many records just keep on changing!

Khabarilal Info Services Pvt Ltd does not take any responsibility for inaccuracies or incomplete information that may have been supplied to them in the course of the sourcing of the data records from various sources. The search results display records that were sourced from different sources. Though we strive for accuracy, yet no warranty to their accuracy can be given. It will be appreciated if we are made aware of any such inaccuracy. Our liability is limited to rectification of any such inaccurate records found, if any.

The display advertisements and logos shown on khabarilal.in are provided by the respective customers. We accept such advertisements in the firm belief that the customer is authorized to release such advertisements and it complies with all relevant laws and regulations. By releasing any advertisement, the customer is indemnifying Khabarilal Info Services Pvt Ltd, its employees and agents against all liability claims or proceedings.